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Technical Information


Are you doing ALL of your required SCAG maintenance?


  • Check engine oil level.
  • Clean whole mower of grass\debris (a backpack bower works well)
  • Clean radiator cooling fins Kawasaki liquid cooled (again backpack blower works well)
  • Inspect machine for any out of the ordinary oil leaks, new collection of dirt etc...

Every 50 Hours

  • Clean or replace air filter (more often in dry conditions)
  • Change engine oil & filter.

Every 100 Hours

  • Replace fuel filter.
  • Check battery electrolyte level; Clean battery posts and cables.
  • Check belts for proper alignment.
  • Grease caster wheel bearings. (tighten front wheel mounting bolts on riders)  

Every 200 Hours

  • Remove engine covers and clean debris from block & cooling fins.
  • Check hydraulic oil level.
  • Check hardware for tightness.
  • Grease brake handle brake actuator deck lift arms etc... (excluding front caster bearings on all riders)
  • Grease drive shaft U-Joints and shaft slip sleeve. (On Turf Tiger Models)
  • Check gearbox oil level (On Turf Tiger Models)

Every 500 Hours

  • Grease front caster bearings & adjust jam nut (riders only)
  • Drain hydraulic system; replace hydraulic oil and filter.
  • Adjust PTO clutch. Replace deck gearbox lubricant. (Turf Tiger models)
  • Change Engine Coolant. (Kawasaki Liquid-Cooled)

Please call (407) 365 - 5357 or come in and ask if you have any questions about these maintenance tasks 

Ethanol Effects You!

We have found that the ethanol that is now used in most gasoline has had adverse effects on most lawn equipment. The effect on two-cycle equipment has been significant. Ethanol has been found to cause enleanment, phase separation, corrosion, and can become a degreasing agent.

Here are some tips on what you can do to protect your equipment and your pocketbook!

  • Do not let gas sit in your machine. Run it until it is out of gasoline to keep your carburetor and fuel lines clean!
  • Do not mix gas and let it sit in the can for over a month. Shake up the mixed gas before putting it in your tank.
  • Make sure that you are using quality two-cycle oil, such as Echo Powerblend.
  • Do not store gasoline in a can for more than one month.

If you have any questions on the effects of ethanol on your gas powered machines, come in and ask an expert!


Due to the new emissions standards established by the EPA, manufacturers have been forced to change designs in two-cycle machines. These changes include the additions of catalysts in the muffler, which have been making the machines operate at a much hotter temperature than they have in the past. With these changes in place, it is important now more than ever that consumers are using high quality, air-cooled two-cycle oil to give the machine proper lubrication, which will help keep the engine lubricated at these high temperatures. Also, it is important to use 89 or higher fuel. We recommend the use of high test fuel, especially since most users are buying only two and a half gallons or less at a time for use in two cycle equipment.

We have had several customers that have blown up new machines due to using a low-quality oil. It is impossible for us to continue to warranty these machines when the problem is caused by a consumer decision. We must ask that you use two-cycle oil that meets or exceeds the JASO FC or ISO L-EGD standards. Echo two-stroke oil currently fits in this small category of oils that exceed these standards. Using an oil that does not list a rating, usually means that it does not obtain these ratings.

Unfortunately, there is no standard in the USA for air cooled two cycle oil so it is very important to look for the international standards listed on any oil you choose to buy. While there is a standard in the USA for OUTBOARD 2-Cycle oil, there is no USA standard or laws that control 2-Cycle oil used in air-cooled 2 cycle engines. The only worldwide standards that exist are the International Standards Organization (ISO) and Japanese Automobile Standards Organization (JASO), which currently rate each oil based off of performance of lubricity, detergency, and exhaust specifications. These are done to serve the purpose of giving consumers a quantifiable way to measure the quality of two-stroke oil.


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